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Dr Patricia Bou Franch

Professor of English  Linguistics

Director of IULMA – Interuniversity Institute of Applied Modern Languages



IULMA – Institut Interuniversitari de Llengües Modernes Aplicades

Department of English and German Philology

Facultat de Filologia, Traducció i Comunicació

Universitat de València


I lecture on English language and linguistics at the Department of English and German Philology, University of Valencia. I teach English Discourse Analysis and History and Culture of English Speaking Countries to under-graduate students of English Studies, and Discourse in the Media at graduate level.

I am a research member of the Interuniversity Institute of Applied Modern Languages (IULMA). My research interests include gender and discourse, identity and (im)politeness, discourse of social conflicts, inter-/ cross-cultural communication and television / computer-mediated communication. I have published in international journals like Intercultural PragmaticsJournal of Pragmatics, Journal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationJournal of Politeness Research, Journal of Language and Politics, Gender and Language, Pragmatics and Society and Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict. I am editor of Ways into Discourse (Comares, 2006), and co-editor of Gender and Sexual Identities in Transition: International Perspectives (Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2008) and of the recent volume: Analyzing Digital Discourse: New Insights and Future Directions (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). I am guest editor of a special issue titled The Pragmatics of Textual Participation in the Social Media for the Journal of Pragmatics, and of the special issue titled Language Aggression against Women for the Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict.

I have evaluated manuscripts for international scholarly journals and publishers.

I am co-editor of Spanish in Context (since 2019) and serve on the editorial board of

I participated in a research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, called  GEA/GENTEXT. We examined gender inequality through texts in Spanish and British societies . I also participated in the University of Valencia’s teaching project ANGLOTIC, which fosters the use of ICTs in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.


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